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对象把我胸吃的越来越大 在线女优观看对象把我胸吃的越来越大 在线女优观看,财富全球论坛实录:无线亚洲_国内财经_财经纵横_新浪网财富全球论坛实录:无线亚洲_国内财经_财经纵横_新浪网
Hot Melt

IFS has a full line of hot melt adhesives that bond the most difficult substrates. Our Dura Pro™products range from 1,000 to 25,000 cps in viscosity at temperatures ranging from 120°C (250°F) to 175°C (350°F). Open times range from 2 - 60 seconds with immediate fiber tear, have heat resistance up to 200°F and come in colored, clear or opaque finishes.

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Hot Melts
Dura Pro™ EVA based adhesives that can be formulated for a wide variety of applications. The type and amount of wax and resin used with the EVA copolymer control set time and residual tack of the adhesive. EVA adhesives are used in case and carton seal, bookbinding, furniture assembly, general packaging, door assembly/millwork, appliance assembly, multi-wall and specialty bags construction.

Pressure Sensitive (Block Copolymer) Hot Melt Adhesives
Dura Pro™ PSA hot melt adhesives (also known as styrene copolymer adhesives and rubber based adhesives) have excellent flexibility at low temperatures and high heat resistance. Although these products are primarily used for pressure sensitive applications where substrates are bonded after the adhesive cools they can be used in applications where bonding occurs while the adhesive is still hot. PSA adhesives are used in bookbinding, diapers, furniture manufacturing, case and carton seal, general packaging, doors/millwork, and appliance assembly.

Proprietary Polymer Hot Melts
Dura Pro™ proprietary polymer based hot melts use a new polymer that provides adhesives with superior bonding performance at a wider service-temperature range. They are light color and clear and odorless when melted. Dura Pro™ proprietary polymer hot melts have excellent thermal stability and machining characteristics required for high-speed lines. These adhesives are low density which reduces costs since prices are determined on a per pound basis. Dura Pro™ proprietary polymer hot melts reduce maintenance costs and downtime because they are essentially char-free. They also exhibit good resistance to acid, grease, and other oily compounds. They are commonly used in bookbinding, case and carton seal, general packaging, multi-wall and specialty bags.

Amorphous Poly-Alpha-Olefins (APAO) Hot Melts
Dura Pro™ APAOs are used when an application requires good heat, acid or fuel resistance at an affordable price. APAOs are non-crystalline adhesives are that remain soft, tacky, and flexible giving longer open times and good adhezion. APAOs are used in appliances, diapers, furniture manufacturing, case and carton seal, general packaging, doors/millwork, and adult incontinence and feminine hygiene products.